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WDSF World Latin Cup, Vienna 2011 – statistics

Posted: November 23, 2011 / in: ARTICLES, Austrian-Open, COMPETITIONS / 2 comments


One of the competition that have attracted attention during Austrian Open was WDSF World Latin Cup. It was held Saturday, November 19, at the Wiener Stnadthalle.

If 31 couples appeared in the list of entries, minutes before the start of first round some changes have occured. The Spanish couple dint not show the presence, and the WDSF German and Hungarian Bodies nominated other couples to be represented that initial announced.
So first round started with 30 couples on the dancefloor. After each pair danced five dances the judges selected only 18 couples for the second round.

As the competition moved toward to the final rounds the tension was spreding among the dancers, and the quality of dance became incrisingly better.
Semifinal. 13 best couples tryed to show their strenghts at he the highest level on the dancefloor. For each of them the World Cup was an opportunity to reach the top of the rankings. Moreover, to make their country proud rising the flag on the pole.

The final act was danced by the 6 couples. But after the jive ended a surprising decision was taken. The Russian couple, Andrey Gusev and Elizaveta Cherevichnaya was desqulified on the grounds of incompliance with WDSF dress Regulations.

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After the competition ended the answer to the question “Who was the best?” becomes clear. The winner is the best?

We can say, with no doubts, the italian couple, Nino Langella & Khrystyna Moshenskaya was the best couple in the WDSF World Latin Cup. And, this result had a high probability to happen.

Is the only important answer wich is waited for? Definitely no. All athlets come into competitions to show their capabilities, and know if these have increased  after a period of training.

In this way we come with another type of ranking, based on competitors evolution – “The Evolution Chart”.

This shows the competitors who made a better performance, and who made a worse one, than expected. To appreciate the evolutions, two indicators were taken into consideration: the estimated place, based on the streght of competitors, and the reached place, in a certain competition.

Let’s see how “The Evolution Chart” looks for the WDSF World Latin Cup.

The Evolution Chart
The best evolution Razvan Manole & Olga Negoduico Romania
Better evolution Joonas Piippola & Laura Wimmer Finland
Alon Gilin & Anastasiya Trutneva Canada
Filip Karasek & Sabina Piskova Czech Republic
Worse evolution Viaceslavs Visniakovs & Tereza Kizlo Latvia
Sigurdur Mar Atlason & Sara Ros Jakobsdottir Iceland
The worst evolution  Sergey Maksyuta & Jenna Bagge  Denmark

To see how the places were estimated read WDSF World Latin Cup, Vienna 2011 – estimates.

Comments (2)

  1. MC says:

    Why were Andrey Gusev and Elizaveta Cherevichnaya disqualified?

    I don't see any problems with their costume from this video:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Because of that little skin coloured piece in the bottom right part of her white dress. ;)

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