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Makeup essentials for ballroom dancing

Posted: December 11, 2012 / in: ARTICLES, Lastest posts / No comments

So before we get started with ‘serious’ makeup business, I’ll present you a list of products you need to achieve the proffesional makeup on the floor.

0 – Skin – Take care of your skin, becuse no makeup can look good on a bad skin. Take your makeup off everyday, treat your skin with products suitable for your skin tipe and moisturize your skin a lot. All that sweat and heavy makeup can dry out your skin and the dehydration wrinkles appear. Also, heavy makup and a lot of sweat can produce blemishes and acnes, so try out products for sensitive skin to sooth your skin.

1 – Makeup primer – Primers are just a few years on the market, but I can’t imagine doing makeup without them any more. Why? Because they moisturize, tighten the pores,control the sebum, smooth the skin, and as a result of all that – your makeup last so much longer. There are two kinds of primers you need – for the foundation and for the eyeshadow.

For the foundation primer. I’d recommend two products: Illamasqua Matt Primer and Kryolan Ultra Under Base. For the eyeshadow primer (this will probably suprise you) I use Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Primer. It is a drugstore product with quality of true professional product. It is often compared with Uban Decay Primer Potion (the best eyeshadow primer), but the price of it is like 10 times cheaper.

2 – Fondation – I’ve noticed that Kryolan Pan Stick is very popular among dancers, and it is a quite nice products, but personaly I prefer Kryolan Dual Finish Foundation because I think it is more ‘user friendly’. It comes in form of pressed powder, but it applies on the face using a damp sponge or a brush. It is very buildable and the best thing, wateproof when it dries on your face.

Also, if you’re a begginer, and you don’t compete through all day long, for a round or two I would recommend Revlon Colorstay Foundation.

3 – Concealer – You’d need a cream concealer, the name of the brand is not important, the only thing important is that concealer is nicely blendable. Concealers for this kind of makeup will not be used for hiding the dark circles, because we use a full coverage foundation, but for highlighing your face. Also, the concealer for this purpose should be 3 or 4 shades lighter than your foundation.

4 – Bronzer – The most important thing for bronzer is to be matt, because we’ll use it for contouring. Also, it should have pink or orange undertones.

5 – Eyeshadow – There’s no need to spend money on high end products, the drugstore eyeshadows will do the work. Just choose the ones with great pigmentation. The colours you’ll need for a simple look are chapagne (shimmery), light/medium brown and black (all matt).

6 – Pencils – eyebrow pencil, black and white eye pencil, nude or pink, red etc. lip pencil. Choose ones that are soft but not too waxy, and with nice pigmentation.

7 – Waterproof mascara – I recommend Illamasqua Masquara, because it is suitable for senstive eyes, it doesn’t come off and is so long lasting and realy realy black.

8 – Eyeliner – Again, no matter which brand, it is just important to be realy black and waterproof.

9 – Lipstick – in the colour of your lip liner. The only important thing about lipstick is that it shouldn’t be too creamy, or it will easily run off from your lips. Even the lipsticks from the same brand and the same lines often don’t have the same texture, so test every shade separately.

10 – Blush – It gives a nice warmth to your face so don’t skip it! I prefer Bourjios blushes because they are longlasting, smelling so nice and come in all sorts of pretty and natural shades.

11 – Fixating sprayKryolan Fixating Spray is the best you can find. If can afford it, buy a bigger version becuse the pump on it disperses better. This spay amazingly sets your makeup, so you can dance without any worries about smearing the makeup.

We came to an end of another article. I hope you liked it and that you’ve learned something. If you have any question, feel free to contact me via Facebook (Dancesportmakeup) or my e-mail (sara.makeup@yahoo.com).
Stay beautiful,

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