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Luca and Loraine Baricchi

Posted: January 22, 2012 / in: ARTICLES, COUPLES, promotional-pages / 3 comments

One of the most famous couple in ballroom was and will be Luca and Loraine Baricchi.

Luca Baricchi was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Loraine was born Loraine Barry in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Luca was born under astrological Cancer sign on July 4th;

Because of their charisma, July 4 natives often gravitate to professions where they are “on display” such as performing arts, modeling, and media. [...]. July 4 individuals take pleasure from starting each new day and realizing its potential.(4)
Loraine’s birthday is December 10th.
Analytical yet creative, a Sagittarius born on December 10 believes in getting things done. They have a sunny, personable nature and always seem to be full of good humor and enthusiasm.

Luca start dancing when he was 9 years old and Loraine was 6 years old.

Luca and Loraine Baricchi - Intimity

They had their first “dance” in Italy after spending more then three weeks in their first romantic holiday. Luca and Loraine met in the dancing circuit and they felt this incredible attraction for each other. At the end of August 1993, they could not resist their attraction any further and they decided to start a new life together. At the first dance together, they were already great dancers and had reached a great level of quality and understanding of dance mechanics.

Before they met Luca’s partener of dancing was Amanda Owen and Loraine had made couple with Andrew Sinkinson.

What makes Luca the ideal dancing partner of Loraine:

the fire, which is burning inside him. Luca can be so emotionally and passionately involved with what he does that he can be extremely inspiring. He has the ideal combination of Mind and Feel, he is extremely talented but also extremely intelligent.

What makes Loraine the ideal dancing partner of Luca:

Firstly Loraine is an extremely gorgeous person and this helps. She is for sure my ideal partner, she is extremely sensitive, capable of receiving, absorbing and developing any type of timing, shape or feel I dance. You do not find very often grace, feeling, power and artistry all in one amazingly gorgeous woman, which you happen to love.

Luca and Loraine Baricchi - Among the clouds

Luca and Loraine Baricchi are professional ballroom dancers and dance teachers from England. They twice won the Professional World Ballroom Dance Championship (1999, 2001). The couple also won the International Professional Standard Championship in London in 1999–2000, and are former British Open, UK and European champions. After regaining the World title in 2001, they decided to retire from competitive dancing.

“The Luca and Loraine’ list” of the factors there are needed to become a World Champion:

  1. With not doubts talent, without talent it is not possible to excel;
  2. Focus and motivation, talent must be developed with intense work;
  3. Dedication to discover the perfect mechanics, perfect mechanics is the vehicle that is needed to produce inspired performances;
  4. A perfect partner, not only the partner must be capable to excel, but it is essential to find an harmonised atmosphere where both can express opinions and work together on the development, this is certainly what Loraine and I are capable of achieving, as we motivate each other to search for more and more and more;
  5. A good combination of teachers that cover different aspect of the development and that keep the inspiration alive;
  6. Believe in your potential, so never stop pushing yourself further.

This list could continue forever, but I cannot give you all my secrets!


Luca and Loraine Baricchi - Bliss

However, when they reached the pinnacle of dancing, Luca chose to retire. In 2001, Luca and Lorraine announced their retirement.

After retirement, they devoted themselves to research, turning the precious dancing experience that they have gained through these years into text and theory, that’s “Luca’s Teaching Theory” which was called ” the Dance Bible” by people afterwards .

“It is a very scientific teaching theory, which states that speed and power have nothing to do with muscle and strength, you need to learn your own body and the breath, and then use the technique to practice yourself and your dancing. Compared with young age and strength, basic skills and techique are more important and competitive. In short, it is a teaching theory that produces twice the result with half the effort . Rose, who is their student said that , “Luca and Lorraine are advocates of nature. Their dancing is very emotional, characteristic and fashionable, and the use of technique is superb.”

Luca emphasized on four keywords such as “true”,“deep, “focus” and “emotion” . In his opinion, the four words are the essential elements of successful dancing. Without these four elements, dancing would become shallow and superficial.


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    Ballroom dancing is a great dance and can be learn everywhere and in many ways. I learned ballroom when I enrolled to a Dance school in singapore and now I'am joining many competition. Dance lesson really helps in practicing and mastering ballroom.

  2. Dans Sportiv Oradea says:

    My favorite couple. They are amazing even nowadays.

  3. Dans Sportiv Oradea says:

    My favorite couple for 15 years.

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