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Interview with Genny Favero – a beautifull soul of ballroom dancing

Posted: April 29, 2013 / in: ARTICLES, Featured, Lastest posts / 3 comments

- I would like to begin to tell us a little about how and where you started dancing, and how was your career as dancer until now?

Genny: I started dancing at the age of 8 yers old, after my parents took me to watch a dancing show in a town square. I danced with my first partner for one year until he quit dancing. I did for a while artistic gym and than, after one year, I called again my dancing teacher and ask her to find a new dance partner for me.

So,  I met Federico Di Toro. Almost all my dancing career I was with Federico. We danced together for 18 years, and we succeded very fast to have good results… 1st in Blackpool junior, 1st Italian champ junior, final in youth world champ, 1st in Blackpool under 21. In the same year we did the  semifinal in amateur at the Royal Albert Hall. For us was a shock!!. In the 2004 we entered in the big final of the UK champ. Of course we had bad period too… in the 2005 we were out from final for 3 years. We worked very very hard to be back, and to achieve our goal. We succeeded to come again in the final just in the 2008. In the 2009 we did 3rd place in Blackpool and 5th place in European champ. And in 2010 we came on 4th place in UK champ. Our partnership was ended in the spring of 2010.

Genny Favero and Federico di Torro, Giordano and Catia vanone - Blackpool 2009

After that, I asked my teachers Gio and Catia Vanone to help me to find a new partner. And so I met Evgeny Moshenin. I have danced with Evgeny just for one year and half. Our partnership was ended just 4 months ago, after he took the decision to stop dancing. With Evgeny I regained my position in the final, and for the first time I won the Italian title. We were 4th in the world ranking list and we were in the final of the world champ.

- To get a complete picture of your life could you tell us some details about your private life: date and place of birth, if you have brothers or sisters, who is the closest person in your life?

Genny: I was born on 23/08/1982 in Treviso, where my dad and mother still live. I have one brother 3 years younger than me leaving in Milan. I have a boyfriend, not connecting with dancing world. These peoples and my dancing teachers are very important for me.. My family, including here Gio and Catia Vanone, gives me always the motivation to do my job, and to do the best I can.

Genny Favero and Evgeny Moshenin at Austrian Open 2012- Do you think it really makes difference whether you start dancing younger or older or performance can be made at any age?

Genny: Depends on  what yours goals are. I think a good period to start is from 8 to 11 years old, if you want to achieve a high level.  A good performance can be done also at every age, if you learn the technique and the mechanics of dancing in order to use as less as possible the muscular strength.

-  In your opinion, which is the most important thing that a dancer has to overcome to achieve a high level of performance

Genny: The human being always looks for comfort. To achieve the high level we must take out all we have inside, and that is not easy! This means that you have to challenge yourself every time to pass the day limits. I think the most difficult point is to find a good balance with yourself, to have enough strenght to push forward, to be every day better than the day before, and self-confident to appreciate your improvements. Honesty, loyalty and perseverance are the other important points for me.

- What dance would you like more? Is there one that produce strong feelings to you?

Genny: I like very much slow waltz, the music gives me a lot of emotions. I like waltz because it makes me feel light. When I dance a good waltz always I feel as if my feet caress the floor. Another dance that I love is tango, for the caracter and the passion that this dance has. It is a very intense dancing, big contrast from the waltz. You are not light any more, but you are close in the man arms, like a passionate hug.

Genny Favero 2012- What was the most beautiful moment that you lived on dance floor?

Genny: For sure every big final makes strong feelings to me.  There are a lot of people who looks carefully to you, and you can really feel all that energy. But, I think the best was when I did 3rd place in Blackpool. Me, my partner and my teachers didn’t expect this performance and result. There were many years in which we fought for this. And another beautiful moment was the first comp with the new partner, Evgeny. That comp makes me cry…I was one year out from the competition, and the emotion was really great!

- What for you is the most important thing about dancing? Do you have an idol in dance?

Genny: What matters to me is the feeling that dancing produces to me, and in consequence to the audience. I like very much dancing! I don’t always like this world and this system, but I can say I love dancing for sure! I don’t have a specific idol. I like all those couples who gave me goose bumps, regardless of style. I only can say few names: Giorgianni, Baricchi, Gozzoli, Pino, Soale .

- What do you wish to transfer to your students beyond the technique?

Genny: I think this question is very related to the previous one. I would like to transfer the love for dancing, and I would like my students put always what they have inside in their dancing. Dancing is the communication by body language, if you don’t open yourself to allow your emotion to come out, you will look like a robot. The technique can only be the support for your expression.

Genny Favero and Federico Di Torro - 2010- There is a discussion about dancing is a sport or an art, do you have an opinion on that?

Genny: I think dancing is for first an art, but we are competing, and this makes the different  from ballet for example, where the dance company is going around the world to perform a show. To include our dancing in the Olympic games I think it is very difficult because,  for example, if the international federation try to make the judgment objective by the introduction of solo dance, this is not really possible 100%. Let’s say if this will happen in the future maybe, and I repeat maybe, it could be different for the athletes. It is supposed they would have a financial support from the federations which will help them to have more training. Our discipline is a bit complicated to be settled only in the sport world or only in the art world.

- If you had power over the dance world and you could change anything that you wish, what would you change? The Rules, the Judging, the style of dancing?

Genny: Wow this is a difficult one! As a dancer I would like to be more respected. Especially in the last 5 years, I’ ve got the feeling that the dancers are a way to achieve the power. I think the first point that I will change is the prioriy. I believe the athlets are supposed to be on the first place and they should be listened much more. Another point that I will change is the dancers mentality. Now, everybody speak about politics even before to start dancing. Like I said before we are supposed to be focus first on our improvements, and sometimes we should be more realistic about our dancing.

- Ho do you see and feel your future in the world of the dance?

Genny: Actually, my last partner just said to me that he wanted to stop. Therefore, it is quite difficult for me to see my future at the moment. For sure I like to teach and to transmit my love for the dancing. I like very much competing, but now it is a little hard for me. I need to find the right person!

Interview by Marian Nedelcu
Exclusive for www.dancesportshow.com

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