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GOC Stuttgart 2011 – Full of Stars

Posted: August 19, 2011 / in: ARTICLES, COMPETITIONS, GOC Stuttgart 2011 / No comments

The third day of German Championships from Stuttgart was a little bit focused on Latin because of tension created in the top of hierachy.

The starting list announced a dancefloor full of stars. From 465 couple registered, 19 were marked with 1 stars and another 27 with 1 star, this etitled them to skip the first round, even first two. But some of these stars decided not to shine on the Stuttgart sky.

Maybe some felt that training before the competition did not bring them in top form, or maybe they wanted to show brilliance later, in another confruntation.

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After the results fron Chengdu, China, all latin fans waited eagerly an interesting fight on the top of hierarchy. Unfortunately the main pawn missed. Zoran Plohl and Tasiana Lahvinovich decided to stay clear of Stuttgart this year.

Another two-star couples, Troels Bager and Ina Jeliazkova, from Denmark, and the Italian couple Pavel Pasechnik and Francesca Berardi stayed home too.

The Final Ranking of Latins
  1. Andrey Zaytsev/Anna Kuzminskay, Russia
  2. Aniello Langella/Khrystina Moshenska, Italy
  3. Martino Zanibellato / Michelle Abildstrup, Denmark
  4. Timur Imametdinov/Ekaterina Nikolaeva, Russia
  5. Vladimir Karpov/Mariya Tzaptashvilli, Russia
  6. Gabriele Pasquale Goffredo/Anna Matus, Moldova

2011 WDSF Grand Slam Latin Stuttgart Awards

Andrey Zaytsev – Anna Kuzminskaya, RUS
dancing round 6 at the 2011 WDSF Grand Slam Latin Stuttgart

2011 WDSF Grand Slam Latin Stuttgart Final Passo Doble

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