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Fashion dancers – Agnieszka Melnicka (Melia)

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The Polish dancer Agnieszka Melnicka, aka Melia, could be highly regarded as one of the most distinguished dancer in the world of Latin dance. What it makes her so remarkable is not only the variety of costumes that enraptures the audience, but also the way in which she builds up her own image on the dance floor.

It is difficult to count the number of costumes of this top dancer. Typically, in each round, in each important performance, Melia gets ready with a new dress (and maybe more than one). Choosing a costume is usually guided by the mood and, as she admitted, she can easily take three or four sets of costumes with her in the dancing hall.

Melia 2012 UK

Melia 2012 UK @ Rob Rhonda

In an interview for dancesport.ru Melia told that even if she read fashion magazines, she has still not sought to follow the fashion. “We spend a lot of time in airports, and every time, no matter in which country I am, I always buy two magazines – Harpers Bazaar and Vogue. But neither in life nor on the floor I never try to match the fashion trends. I do not borrow for my style suits and dresses. I am rather interested in images or ideas.”

She has usually come in the limelight in dresses in style of “fishing net”, profusely decorated with artificial sunflowers skirts, floor-length pleated dresses, not to mention the colorful ruffles and fringes.

Boa and silk are indispensable attributes of many of her costumes, although recently Melia has usually selected two basic costumes with different lengths, regardless of interpretations.

Melia could be considered as an expert in the subtleties of the lighting and the glittering of the stones. “Whatever” you may say. Still, at the World Championship, in the fuscous Kremlin Kongress Palace hall, this dancer sported most heavily decorated and noticeable dresses. Melia has a special relationship with accessories. She wears easily a wide variety of jewelry: for examples, long layered necklaces which effectively fill the neckline and give a particular delicacy to her image.


In make-up, Melia has not deviated from the usual dramatic image. One of her options are dark shadows, beyond the edges of the eyelids, clearly drawn eyebrows, unfinished corner of the eyes with eyeliner on the lower eyelid, and the classical red tones of the lipstick ( such as Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Caprice 132).

Melia 2011 Blackpool @ Rob Rhonda

Melia 2011 Blackpool @ Rob Rhonda

Of course, Melia has rarely limited to a single shade of lipstick. You can also see the tones of bordeaux, and cold pink, and even if they do not repeat the colors of dresses, are always in harmony.

You can also see the tones of bordeaux, and cold pink, and even if they do not repeat the colors of dresses, are always in harmony.

However, there are details on which Melia rarely makes changes. For example: the deep back neckline usually covered by fabric net, in concordance with her silhouette. Or in hairstyle: the classic low bun or tail which always matches her costume.

Clearly it could be said that inspite of the fact that Melia has not strictly followed the fashion trends, she has easily succeeded to generate beautiful fashionable images on the dance floor.
An article by Marian Nedelcu
Sources: dancesport.ru
Photos: Rob Rhonda

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