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Edita Daniute – interview after winning the WDSF World DanceSport Title Professional Standard

We are delighted because we took the opportunity to have a short interview  with the lady of ballroom, Mrs. Edita Daniute.

The interview was taken by phone, and tried to reveal a little from her feelings and thoughts right after winning the last world title as professional in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, February 10, 2013.

- You stopped dancing and also the partnership with Mirko almost a year ago. Could you please tell us how your life was in these months ouside the dancefloor?

Edita: Outside the dancefloor but not outside the dancing bussiness becasue I started to judge any competitions, I was traveling a lot, also teaching … I opened my new studio … I was pretty busy. I was outside the dancing floor but not really outside the dancing bussiness.

- You had a great career as dancer, and won two world titles as amateur. How do you feel now, after winning the last title?

Edita Daniute - world championEdita: Actually I am very happy. So, first of all, I am very happy because I had the oportunity to compete again. Of cource, this title is important for me because it is an world title. It’s even more nice because it’s after I had a break with Mirko. And after we came back on the floor we  succeded to have a great achivement. It was really nice.

- You looked very beautiful on the dance floor. Tell us more about, where your dresses are made.

Edita: Actually, all my  early dancing career, excepting some period of time, I worn dresses made in Lithuania by EM Cuture.

- We saw that all your dresses were shorter then those we are familiar on the ballroom dancefloor. Could we say there is a tendency to wear shorter dresses in ballroom dancing?

Edita: I started this fashion some times ago, but the reason was not to be fashionable. The reason was because of our drive action. We have a quite big swing. We lower a lot, then I started to use shorter dresses. After I started to wear shorter, this kind of dresses began to be quite fashionable.

- All your fans were surprised to see you competing again with Mirko. How did you decide to restart the partnership and compete again?

Edita: Mirko had a quite difficult situation in his life, and in that moment we felt we couldn’t give anything more to our fans. We were quite tired to competing. We just neded a time off.

After, he asked me to come back to compete. But, first of all he said that it was difficult for us because we lived in different countries, and he couldn’t travel so much. And, maybe I worked to plan to come into Italia.

Now Mirko agree to travel a little bit more, so it is more easier for us to practice. And therefore we found this new fresh start.

- As you told that you have planned to make some shows and prepare for the next big event German Open. When and where can your fans enjoy your next performance?

edita and mirkoEdita: The next our big competition it seems to be  German Open, in Sttutgart. But before that we have shows in China, in Israel , actually in many places. Japan … We will do World Super Stars  shows in Japan. We have many shows before GOC.

- I suppose that after returning on the dance floor you had more training. Did you have special preparation before the WDSF World Championship?

Like before any competitions. Practice, practice, practice … as much as we can. That’s it. It was none special preparation.

- Are there any changes 
in your day by day life after returning on the dancefloor?

Edita: It is one big change.  I will not be judging every weekend. Now I will be having shows in any competitions. Instead of judging now I will be performing. Wich is quite nice because all  rest of my life I will be judging. I think I will have plenty of time to do that.

- I know part of your time is spent teaching. What do you deliver to your students beyond the dance technique.

Edita: I try to teach all the best, all the best that I know. All the best about technique, all the best about quality. All the best about performance. That’s it.

- What do you think about the path in wich the ballroom dance has taken? Do you have a vision? How do you see the ballroom next years?

Edita: Well, actually I see, in the sportive way, all the couples had move on, they have more energy. The energetic level is much higher then it used to be. Just when you put more energy the quality a little bit suffer. So, I hope the younger generation will concentrate more on the quality, later on.

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  1. Joseph Chan says:

    I love the way u danced. Sad because I took up dancing v late in life. Otherwise I will come to u for lessons. Pray u go on dancing longer . When u cannot than go become a good judge.
    Singapore 7/12/14

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