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DANCING in JAFFA – dance can overcome political and cultural differences

Posted: April 30, 2013 / in: ARTICLES, Featured, Lastest posts / No comments
Renowned ballroom dancer, Pierre Dulain takes his belif that dance can overcome political and cultural diferences, and applies it to 11 year old Jewish and Palestinian Israelis.

What occurs is a magical transformative.

Dancing in Jaffa, is from Israeli director Hilla Medalia. She has made a number of acclaimed documentaries, notably To Die in Jerusalem, about a female teen terrorist and her female teen victim.

Dancing in Jaffa also explores Israeli- Palestinian relations from a distinctly different point of view.

It focuses on award-winning ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine, who returns to Jaffa, his birthplace, to teach Jewish and Arab youngsters to dance together. It’s reminiscent of Mad, Hot Ballroom, a film about students in a tough New York neighborhood who study ballroom dancing, but with a Middle Eastern twist.

Dancing in Jaffa Trailer


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