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Alessia Betti retired as newlywed

Posted: October 17, 2011 / in: ARTICLES, COUPLES / No comments

These days the world of dance look with regret or rather with esteem to how another star of dance floor hang up thes shoes.

Monday, October 10, 2011, during “Night of 100 stars”, a beautiful event organized by BDF (Ballroom Dancer’s Federation) each year as a showcase for Dancesport, the newlyweds Alessia Betti and Angelo Madonia announced their retirement. They just got married on the 9th September in Palermo, Italy.

For Alessia that night was like a crowning of 24-year career. Pairig with Mirko Gozzoli she was undefeted champion between 2004 and 2009, as professional.From 2010 Alessia danced with her fiancé Angelo Madonia. And aslo their performance was at the highest level. They became in a short time European and Italian vice-champions, finalist of Balckpool, semifinalist of UK and International.

Her speach was emotional one. She made with elegance a short review of her way through the world of dance. She also brought her homage both to those who supported her to make the dreams come true, and to her fans who gave the courage and force to achieve even more.

Alessia Betti and Mirko Gozzoli

I was 8 when my grandfather first took me to a dancing school, and dancing has been my life ever since. 
I spent my youth in gyms and sports halls where I dedicated all my time to practising. This wasn’t a hardship because, “if you are passionate about something you don’t feel the pain”. And so I was to learn that nothing is for free, and it is only by working hard, day after day, that you can achieve your goals. The journey has been a challenge, and the road to success has been a very long and tortuous one. But I have achieved my childhood dreams, winning everything there is to win and keeping my promise to those who have always been there to support and encourage me. 
The titles I have won are really only the tip of the iceberg, to be seen at the end of a long, difficult, but extraordinary journey which I hope might serve as an example to all those who really believe in dancing. However, the time has come to hang up my dancing shoes and to take on the role of teacher and coach. 
 I want to say a big thank you to all those who have helped in these demanding but fantastic years. These achievements have been more than just the result of hard work, determination and commitment, they have been made possible thanks to the support of my family, my coach and my dancing partners who have shared the triumphs. 
But more than anything it is thanks to those who, with their applause and their criticism, have supported and believed in me, encouraging me to try harder and to achieve even more. There are many other dancers who also make the same sacrifices as myself but often this is without the same result, and for this I am very grateful. 
In all these years I haven’t said very much, and this is why my goodbyes now are brief and I am leaving it to the video to tell my story as a competitive dancer. Life gives us many opportunities, and now I want to dedicate myself to my family with Angelo, and to passing on all that I have learned. I would like to wish all those who are passionate about dancing the success they deserve without having to compromise. Always remember: “to win you have to keep dreaming and never give up”.

I’m going to tell you a story… Alessia Betti

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