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Aleksandar Josipović

Posted: December 7, 2011 / in: ARTICLES, promotional-pages / No comments
.. all my life I am dancing.

I was born on January 15th 1981 in Lazarevac, former Yugoslavia.. .. all my life I am dancing. Started with Latin and Standard and every single time I saw that the dance is genius. Not only by being a dance champion, … I saw that dance is much stronger and more powerful ( when I start dancing in my country was civil world, so dance for me has and still have a holy place in my life).

When you dance, it’s free of charge.

Why dance is amazing- simple: it strengthens immunity, and health for that matter, decreases stress, cures depression, brings vigor, awakens creativity, and guides us towards the perfection of body movement and mind… And it is quite natural! It’s organic (very modern), naturally sweet, contains no preservers and artificial colors, as well as pesticides – it is absolutely useful. It creates energy, is not subject to inflation, is not fattening, does not require monthly rent, insurance, interest, cannot be stolen, is not subject to taxes and does not pollute the environment. When you dance, it’s free of charge. Wherever you move, it is there with you. Flawless perfection as much as you want and wish it to be perfect!

There is a great similarity between holding a dance class and, for example, selling a computer.

Today, as an artist, dance professor, NLP active professional dancer etc I do have that inner need, a wish to share with others my expert and professional knowledge, experience and love from the field of dance, movement, dance therapy, NLP , creative workshops… To different kind of people – who are linked directly with dance field and/ or not, cause perhaps you will never hold a dance class or be a dance trainer or professor, but you will learn what your child, student, friends.. needs, how it can be creative and by which means you can lead him to this magical and mesmerizing world. There is a great similarity between holding a dance class and, for example, selling a computer. You will agree that dancing is not the same as MacBook. But the concept and the system are absolutely the same.

I took different books from this area thinking: “I know this”, “Seen before”, “Read before”, “Nothing special” and after some time I have learned that the repetition is the mother of knowledge.

And this is in general my point of view when I work today – KISS keep it super simple.

we need to go back to the beginning

We have a starting point and a direction we are heading to. If we do not pass the life test, in due time, it will return with different actors, situations, messages, but it will be back for sure. Same as the correction exam in school. You must have a positive mark to pass onward. All of us have experienced it, right? Life is the same way. The circle starts from one point, and returns to the same point. I believe that, if we wish to be successful in any job, we need to go back to the beginning – to ourselves and the movement. Remember: all babies, when they are born mostly do two things – they cry and make small movements. We come to this world with our fists clenched, and leave with palms open. What lies between is life and we must never underestimate it nor forget it!

The dance is one of the first art forms.

Long time ago famous Isadora Duncan said “There are three types of dancers: first, there are the ones that consider dancing a type of gymnastics exercise that is consisted of non-peculiar, gracious arabesques; second, the ones that, through concentrating their mind, bring their body to the rhythm of the desired emotion, thus expressing the feeling or experience they remember and the third, who turn their bodies into the light fluid, surrendering themselves to the inspiration of their own soul.” Working with ballet dancers, dance teachers, or Latin dancers couples, I do apply this words on each of them. The simplest definition of the dance is that it is a blend of a number of movements that respond to a certain speed and rhythm. The first mother tongue is the body language. The power and energy of baby’s movement has something primordial in it which could have led to the musical, later on. The dance is one of the first art forms. To create it, our ancestors had everything they needed – themselves, that is, their bodies. Until the time they invented paint, canvas, cameras, people in ancient times could fulfill themselves through dancing. All it took was already in them. They just activated, awakened, and freed their feelings. Emotions in life are there to be felt, and, as there are no good or bad feelings, there is no good or bad dance. Every emotion, every dance is universal, unique and genius for it mimics the nature, character of the dancer, his ego and personality! Fundamental element of the dance is the movement and motion, as it is in life. The dance can be determined as the form of musical experience, which, through rhythmically determined motion and movement contributes to the artistic expression of the spiritual state of the man.

“If I knew how to explain it, I would not dance” Isadora Duncan

Aleksandar Josipović


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